Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ESMO PDR ongoing!

Hello World! ;-)

Just a brief post directly from ESMO PDR which is being held @ ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

These first days we get through the RIDs closure process. RIDs (Review Item Discrepancies) are issues raised by the independent experts which are in charge to review the design, trade-offs and requirements.
RIDs process is now about to end with the last subsystems of the satellite, this morning.
Yesterday it was AOCS turn and we are glad to tell you our RIDs were closed and clarified successfully. This means that, with minor fixes and clarifications, our design was approved and we can proceed straightforward with the next phases of the project.

A very important upcoming change will be the change of the Propulsion System baseline, which proved not to comply with the strict pointing accuracy needed for thrust vector control during the manoeuvres.
We will address the new trade-off in the remaning PDR Workshop days as well as FDIR concepts.

As for now that's all from our side. We will keep you updated on future project milestones completions. Please feel free to contact us for further info and definitely for sponsorships and collaboration proposals! (

To the Moon!